Pillbox Myths


Pillboxes, and other wartime defences, are still very poorly understood. As a result there are many myths that have been accepted as true and continue to be perpetuated today by many people, particularly online. This is my attempt at busting some of the more common myths.

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Pillbox Myths #1

The ‘All pillboxes are listed/scheduled’ myth

Pillbox Myths #2

The ‘Pillboxes were constructed so quickly that no documents were kept’ myth

Pillbox Myths #3

Pistol Loopholes or Piss-Take?: The pistol loopholes myth explored

Pillbox Myths #4

Farmers and Fivers: Were farmers paid £5 to demolish pillboxes?

Pillbox Myths #5

Were 28,000 pillboxes built during the Second World War? How many survived?