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Peter Hibbs and I established the UK Second World War Heritage Facebook group in 2018.

The aim of the group is to encourage involvement in researching, recording and interpreting Second World War heritage assets throughout the UK; especially those that are often overlooked and not necessarily part of the country’s defences during this period. The group acts as a forum for people to discuss their findings and provide advice to others. We also encourage people to record wartime sites with local Historic Environment Records (HERs) or their local equivalent with the aim of building up a more detailed understanding of wartime heritage.

There is currently a lack of information available online to members of the public who have an interest in Second World War era heritage assets and who would like to effectively record and preserve them.

We appreciate that not everyone uses Facebook, so have decided to post the groups resources we provide on this website to make them available to a wider audience.

These resources have now been moved to the UK Second World War Heritage Website



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